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Is Grabull New Company?

Grabull Team as a company is been working since 13 years into the field of IT but yes Grabull is a new Latest Technology secured platform with rewards & features for users. Grabull came in existence to help community & local Restaurants to save them from paying out heavy commissions instead have more benefits passed on to the consumers.

Is Grabull better than others?

With lot of research we created Grabull, Only website where you order with Discounts for sure & you get rewards value for every Purchase you make. We are helping local Stores to save money and pass benefits to consumers and remember every time you spend on Grabull Majority of its Money is coming back to Community & we do understand our social responsibility very honestly.

What exactly Grabull Do?

Grabull is all about Great Offers, Great Deals & Rewards. Grabull is a Platform on which we let you order food online for Pick up, Delivery , Takeout, Reservation, catering , or even Party event Booking. Variety of restaurants gives you choice of food & new cuisines from one stop Shop.

How order food on Grabull Works?

When you come on Grabull.com, you enter your Zip code & select your choice of delivery or pickup & press the Button GRABFOOD, you will see list of restaurants, where you can apply your discounts coupons on the restraint of your choice & proceed to order now, select your items from the Menu & checkout fill your details. If you are first time user your account will form & from next time all you have to do is sign in for Quick ordering.

What is Favourites?

Grabull gives you an opportunity to short list your favourite restaurants if you add them to your favourite by clicking on the heart Icon they gets stored in your favourites, which helps you order from favourite restaurants without performing any search.

I did not receive the confirmation Email?

Go explore your spam folder you may find the email there, if you still do get it check your email is all working fine.
If everything failed just call us we are Happy to help you anytime 888 688 0046.

How the process works when I place an order?

When you place order, order information is immediately sent to the Restaurants who confirm that they are working on the order. You receive an Email confirmation of your order.

If I see a Delay on my order, who do I call check on status?

You can call the restaurant the information will be in your Email of you can go check in your online Grabull account or you can call Us direct for any help & support 888 688 0046.

I received email confirmation of order but restaurant says they don’t have any such order what should I do?

Call us immediately and we will resolve the issues 888 688 0046

I ordered something & received something wrong, what should I do?

Just call the restaurant and if they are not able to resolve the issue, call us we ensure your satisfactory resolution for the Issue 888 688 0046

Is there any cost to use Grabull website?

Using Grabull is absolutely free all you pay for is your food & whatever fees are mentioned for delivery or processing & taxes.

Are there any Menu pricing Variations on Grabull & Direct with restaurant?

All our Restaurants Provide us the Menu pricing matching the same on their Menus however if you see any difference, reach out to us to resolve the same with Restaurant.

Can I store my payment information in My Grabull account?

Yes when order it gives you option to add or store your card information, which makes it more convenient for you to order the next time, you can also add or edit, delete you card information from your account when you are logged in.

How secure is Grabull website?

Your card information is never shared with restaurants & everything is stored in the encrypted form we use SSL (Server Securing layer) which is considered the best way of protection online information.

How do I apply offers or Promo Codes?

Good thing is we do not send out offer codes, our offers are common & open to all users. All you have to do is Click & Apply on the offer you want to choose, however we do give away rewards & lucky draws to consumers which will reflect into your rewards section in account to Redeem anytime when available.

User Name & Password Support?

Your user name is your email address or phone number used when you first time registered online, for retrieval of user name & password , you have to go to Sign in Section & click on forget password, we let you retrieve your user details only by email. Once you enter your relevant email we will send you the Reset Link which will let you create new password to gain access into your account.

What is Delivery Radius or Restaurant does not deliver to me?

 All restaurants pre assign their range of Delivery typically called Delivery Radius if your address falls out of their range, it would tell you they don’t deliver.

What is the base of Restaurants Ratings & Reviews?

All the reviews & ratings come from users like you who ordered food online. However we also pick up reviews reference from Google Reviews.

How Pick up order works?

Its works the same way as delivery order works, but you don’t pay any Pick up fee, and usually you will see the restraints will display the time frame of your food will be ready for pick up. We will also be sending on order confirmation email.

Browsers Grabull support?

How is our information safe on Grabull account?

We are very serious about the security of database & are committed to protect the information. However if you using the same username email passwords in other websites and any fraudsters happen to get hold of your information through other mediums, these bad people try to attempt the same login details into different sites. If they happen to login on Grabull with your credentials they would be able to place an order. However we highly recommend you to inform us immediate if anything like that comes to your notice and we will be able to help freeze your account on Grabull.

 What are your team recommendations for keeping Grabull account secured?

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